Retirement Income Planning

Doesn’t it make more sense to have reliable incomebuilt mathematically, not hypothetically?

Taking control of “Your Financial Journey”. What if there was a way to create an income machine that gave you a never ending stream of retirement income? Now there is, meet the Perpetual Retirement Income Machine.

The Perpetual Retirement Income Machine

Having sufficient income that you cannot outlive is the number one retirement concern. The solution to that problem, based on current evidence and research, incorporates a number of income strategies, all dependent on a person’s risk style.

When complete, that solution creates a machine-like source of income, a Perpetual Retirement Income Machine known as a PRIM. Learn how you can build your own PRIM, and why it works so well, in this step-by-step modern approach to retirement income planning.

Never Worry About Your Income Again

Build a sustainable income machine that fits your risk style.
Create retirement income year-after-year for the rest of your life.
Keep your income growing to offset inflation.
Guarantee income you can’t outlive.

PRIM – A Different Way of Thinking

During a retirement income lecture to a small group of business executives from a manufacturing company, the question on their minds was the same question most people asked, “How can I sustain my quality of life throughout retirement and not run out of money?”

Different retirement income options were explained; the pros and cons of each strategy and how the recommendations were backed by research and evidence. After some discussion, one of the executives said, “Hold on! This is getting too complicated. Can’t there just be a machine that cranks out income so that we can flip a switch and turn it on? You know, an income machine!”

Yes, an income machine can be built. And that is what happened.

The machine was named: PRIM — Perpetual Retirement Income Machine.

When you build your PRIM, you will be building a unified, well-planned, high-quality machine that creates retirement income year-after-year for the rest of your life. Your machine will get you through your personal retirement endurance race to the finish line with few worries, no matter how difficult the road becomes.

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