College Planning

The single biggest expense parents face isPaying for college

College selection for students and parents can be a very daunting challenge. At Arseneau Advisory Group we work with college-bound students at the beginning of their college search process. We utilize a comprehensive two-pronged approach for college planning:


To ensure that they do not overpay for one of life’s most expensive endeavors, we assist parents in positioning their finances so that they have the best opportunity at obtaining gift aid from the institutions of choice. Gift aid differs from federal or state financial aid and the requirements for obtaining are much different. Most families are interested to learn that even at high income levels, while federal student aid can be hard to obtain, aid from their student’s school of choice may still be available. We provide the strategies and expertise to best position your finances without having to sacrifices liquidity, use and control of your assets.

In addition, we work with parents to craft a plan to fund college and retirement at the same time.

Not funding these areas now?

Not to worry. We use a time-tested approach that will create or enhance your current savings strategies. Our experts will work with you one-on-one, in person, and help you position your student and your finances for the best possible opportunity to obtain financial aid.


We work with students to assist them in narrowing their college search based on their interests. Don’t worry if your student is unsure of their career path! Our process will help them uncover their interests and then match them up with colleges that specialize in these areas.

Students are able to utilize our aptitude testing software which will assist them in uncovering their talents, interests, abilities, and career goals.

Students also participate in an in-depth phone interview with college career expert. Parents are encouraged to attend this interview and ask questions. This interview provides us with the data needed to help the student narrow their college choices based on GPA, SAT/ACT scores, personal interests, and family finances. This step is one of the most important in the entire process. Working together through our process with parents and students, we can reduce the overall cost of college!


When should I begin my college search & college planning?

At the latest the college search should begin in the student’s junior year of high school. College planning should have started when you got the “test results 17 years ago.” The closer your student is to going to college the more challenging it is for us. But that is why we are so good at what we do!

Why should I pay for someone to do this process for me?

The same reason you pay a surgeon to perform surgery. You don’t know how to do this! If you try to do it on your own you may not get the maximum benefit possible. If you work with us we will do everything in our power to help.

Why college financial aid officers can’t help you

College advisors will not assist you in picking out the right college or help you fill out forms.

How to qualify even if you think you make too much money

College planning is NOT just about need-based aid. Many other planning strategies are available to drastically reduce your out of pocket costs. There are many legal ways to skin the college-funding beast. For example, cash flow strategies, merit-based aid strategies, student positioning strategies, appeal strategies, and more.

Why your accountant is not a good resource

We can show you the rules they don’t want you to discover!

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